1. Change commands name.

Change name of commands, added prefix "cms:" for all commands to group it and easy to auto suggestion

- Create plugin: plugin:create => cms:plugin:create

- Activate plugin: plugin:activate => cms:plugin:activate

- Deactivate plugin: plugin:deactivate => cms:plugin:deactivate

- Remove plugin: plugin:remove => cms:plugin:remove

- Create theme: theme:create => cms:theme:create 

- Remove theme: theme:remove => cms:theme:remove

2. Make Botble core as vendor package.

From this version, when you got an update from Codecanyon.net, you just need to update folder core and run composer update to update core of Botble CMS.


3. Install Botble CMS from UI

Now, it supports you to install from UI. It's easier.

It's customized from https://github.com/rashidlaasri/LaravelInstaller but less step and can install sample data, create admin user :D


4. Maintenance Mode

A new plugin "Maintenance mode" has just added to our CMS. It allows you to enable/disable maintenance mode from admin panel.